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One Year

My youngest turned one on Sunday!  On Saturday evening after Monkey fell asleep, Bee asked me, “Will ‘Monkey’ be able to talk when she wakes up?  Will she be able to walk better?”  How do you explain that while Baby will be 1-years-old instead of . . . zero (?), she’s actually only one day older than before?  No, Bee, she won’t wake up having intellectually stimulating conversations with you. 😉

We’re stretching out the birthday celebrations over a week, as we have a large and busy family, but a small home. 

The Point

Birthday Girl and her Momma.

On Saturday we spent the day park-hopping near Horseshoe Bay with my parents and sister.  After taking a walk along the beach and pier area at Horseshoe Bay, we had lunch at Troll’s (fish and chips, of course!), we headed up to a lookout on the way up to Cypress Mountain.  It was nice and clear, so we could see all of Vancouver and Burnaby from up there.  Our last stop was Lighthouse Park.  Noteably, we found the last remaining mosquitos in the area, who had a lovely feast provided by us.  Bee still has blistery bites that she’s thankfully stopped complaining about.  All in all, we had a good day with beautiful weather, although it did start raining as we said goodbye.


Bee-mused @ Lighthouse Park

TT swinging

Swinging makes TT happy!

Here are some favourite photos from the day.  The girls love being outside (unless there’s too much: walking, cold, hunger, etc.), as you can tell.  And both Teds accompany Bee and TT everywhere.  I’ll let you in on a little secret: Bee zips Ted in her backpack every day and brings him to school hidden in her backpack the whole time. 🙂

On Sunday, Little Monkey’s actual birthday, we had quesadillas and rice, both of which she loves.  For dessert, we had (store-bought) cupcakes, thanks to my dear husband’s late-night run after our busy Saturday.  I think Little Monkey enjoyed her chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing.  I don’t think the two oldest got into chocolate so soon, but by #3, what do you expect?

On Monday, my husband’s family came over to celebrate as well (those that could make it, anyways).  This is a first birthday after all!  And then next Monday, we have plans to celebrate again with my brother and his wife.

One year.  How fast it travels.  Little Monkey’s gotten her first (and second, third, fourth, and fifth) tooth and taken her first (and several thousand;) ) steps.  She’s gone on not only her first, but also her second, camping trip; managed a canoe ride or two; perhaps could win “most ferry rides in her first year of life” award.  She’s also managed 365 nights of interrupted sleep (Why did my third have to be the poorest sleeper?).  It’s amazing what a newborn packs into one year!

Happy Birthday, Little Monkey! 🙂




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For My Mom

I love taking pictures of my daughters; however, they aren’t the most willing subjects at times.  Since Autumn’s cool weather began a little earlier than usual, a week and a half ago the girls were all decked out in their fall-inspired earthtone colours and I wanted to take some pictures.  TT was being a grump, hiding her face and refusing to smile.  With my mom’s birthday coming up (now passed), I told TT to pose for birthday pictures for Grandma.  The results?  Much better!  (Someone loves her Grandma! :))  Oh, and Happy Birthday again, Mom! 🙂

Bee by tree
Bee by the tree.
TT with her teddy.

TT with Teddy.


Girls and Bears by Tree.

TT and Bee by the tree.

Monkey missed out on the pictures because she was asleep.  After depositing her in bed though, I took the girls out with my good camera and took 5-10 more pictures.  I’ll only share two more so that you aren’t bored.   

Total posers.

Ahh, love the personality here!

Which do you like the best: TT tilting her chin with her hand or Bee’s flip flops?


Just chilling.

We spent most of last week getting into a routine for SCHOOL!  It’s kindergarten this year for Bee.  She likes school; I’m ever so thankful!  This morning though, there was the expected, “I don’t want to go to school,” protest, which I didn’t take seriously since I know most adults hate Mondays too. 😉 This week, I’m trying to get the house cleaned up for Monkey’s birthday party next week.  She’ll be one, so she won’t remember it, but if I take a picture or two at the party, I’ll have proof that the third child wasn’t forgotten! 🙂 

Speaking of which, I’ll leave you with a picture of Monkey eating bear pepperoni!

Bear eater

A Monkey eating a bear. 😉

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New Beginnings

Dear Readers,

Perhaps it’s appropriate that I begin this blog as my oldest daughter, Bee, starts kindergarten.  If she can venture into a new world called School, then I can venture into the world of blogging. 

Bee's first day of school

Bee's first day of kindergarten.

Bee loves school, so far, and can’t wait to go back.  Do I miss her?  Time seems to drag a little more when Bee’s at school, but I’m sure before long it will fly by.  And yes, I do miss her.  It’s nice to spend time just with TT (3) and Monkey (almost 1)  though.

Sincerely, Geneviere

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