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I love October!

Not because of Halloween, which I’ve never cared too much about, but the weather–this year–has been warm, with only a hint that, yes, winter is on it’s way.  I love the warm array of colours turned vibrant from the sunshine: reds, oranges, and browns of leaves pooled at the base of trees, bright orange, fat pumpkins sitting in patches  and a sea of colourful umbrellas on the days it happens to rain.  I love that TT can play in the puddles at school for 15 minutes, get totally soaked and not be too cold to walk home for a warm bath. 

A rotten apple ;)

Pick an apple.

TT spent a week at her Grandma and Papa’s house.  She had a blast, from the sounds of it.  While she was gone, I went with Bee on her class field trip to a pumpkin patch out in Fort Langley.  I had fun navigating to the patch with no co-pilot to read a map and managed to get back to the highway without instructions because I left them in the trunk and was too lazy to stop and get them out.  While the weather was a little cool, it wasn’t raining!  Bee and Monkey loved the animals, short hay ride, and picking out the “perfect” pumpkin.

A wee pumpkin.

Meghan loved carrying her little pumpkin around.

I also started on Bee’s Halloween costume, which she’ll be wearing to school on Friday.  I finally convinced her to be Pippi Longstockings.  So I made her a dress out of an old jean skirt, and should be able to supplement that with stuff she already has.

Everyone was so happy when TT came back home, and TT couldn’t stop grinning!  🙂  I was glad to see her home.  That joy, though, made me think about how happy Christians must be when they get to heaven (home).  I thought about my Grandpa and Grandma who passed away in the last couple years and imagined how happy they must have been to arrive in heaven!


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How come I don’t remember kindergarten costing anything?  I suppose it wasn’t my job to keep track of money at the tender age of five.  Actually, I don’t remember a whole lot from kindergarten whatsoever.

We’re only a month into school, but already we’ve paid for:

-school supplies  –  $20.00

-professional tennis player to teach my child tennis  –  $10

-field trip to a pumpkin patch on the 18th  –  $14.25

I won’t include book orders because they’re 100% optional.  The amount spent on books is proportionate to my self-control. 😉

So, in the first month of kindergarten, school has cost $44.25.

Picture Day
Bee on Picture Day

Today was picture day.  I suppose that’s another 100% optional cost too, but I think there’ll be some family members expecting a photo. 🙂  It only took three outfit changes to settle on this dress.  I love dark blue on my girls because it really brings out their big blue eyes!

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