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Finally Friday!

Life is never dull with kids, I’ll give you that.  I had some interesting wake-up calls by the kids this week and thought I’d share them with you, since you might think they’re funnier than I do. 😉  December is crazy-busy, so I’m sure you need a de-stressing moment of laughter.

Bee and TT share a bed–a double bed, that is–even though I’ve tried moving Bee to the top bunk, which only lasted for two weeks or so.  They like sharing a bed, so I won’t stop them.  Bee is so helpful in the middle of the night.  She sometimes takes TT to the toilet if she has to use it or calls me if she needs me.  Well, I was awoken at 2:30 am by Bee who was whispering at my door to come “wipe TT.”  So I disengaged myself from between dear husband and teething Monkey monster, who incidentally woke me four times in the night, and headed to the washroom only to find it empty.  Okay, no problem, I thought, she used her little potty that’s kept in the bedroom for night-time toiletting needs.  And then my heart sank because there, on the side of the tub, sat her potty insert.  Sure enough, when I went to their room, there TT was thinking nothing was amiss, dutifully sitting on her little potty waiting to be wiped with pee in a circle on the floor.

This morning, I was trying to slip in another half hour of sleep after J. went out to get ready for work.  I could hear him say, “Go tell Mommy she has a big mess to clean up.”  No one came, but I knew some unpleasant surprise was waiting for me when I heard that.  It sounded like TT filled the sink up with bubbles.  Fully expecting a mini-mess in the bathroom, I dragged myself out of bed after attempting to sleep a bit longer.  No problem with the bathroom, but a broken snow globe on the bed!  I couldn’t believe it, especially since I’ve told the girls they aren’t to play with them unless they ask me first.  And they hadn’t for the 6 months of ownership.  Water, sparkles and shards of glass to clean up.  (On an aside, let it be known that whoever makes these snowglobes is cruel because every little sparkle looks like it could be a small piece of glass.)  How did it happen?  “Oh, I was throwing it onto the bed,” Bee told me. 

Okay, so perhaps the second story isn’t actually classified as “funny,” but it just shows what my life is like right now.  It seems like one thing after the other keeps going wrong.  A missing library book (not even mine!), missing blocks, a missing skirt (all of which I’ve turned the ‘house’ upside down looking for with no success), accidents to clean up, and the typical Christmas activities, gifts, and card-writing to fit in. 

We have a few Christmas activities planned.  Bee’s first Christmas concert was on Thursday.  Aside from forgetting my glasses and consequently not being able to see the stage that well, it was pretty fun.  The kids were cute and did really well for kindergarteners, in my humble–and oh so unbiased–opinion.  This coming Monday evening is our Sunday school program, which might not go as smoothly, but we’ll see.  I picked up discounted annual passes for Burnaby Village and Museum, so we’re planning to go there once or twice for the Christmas village before heading off on our Vancouver Island holiday. 

And now it’s bedtime, so here’s a goodnight kiss:

A kiss goodnight.


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A Penny Earned…

Monkey monkeying around.

Okay, I admit it, I’m frugal, if not a bit on the cheap side–hopefully not to the point of being ungenerous though.  When I see a good sale, it’s so hard to pass it up, but I’m learning to ask myself, “Do I really need this?” or “Will someone really like and use this?”  I rarely ever buy something that isn’t on sale, unless I know it’s a good, reasonable price, or I really need the item, or it’s something that rarely goes on sale.  Now I collect coupons the way I used to collect stickers as a little girl.

I use a few different websites to order coupons that are mailed directly to me.  Here are the sites I use (all Canadian): Save.ca , Brandsaver, Websaver, and Go Coupons.  Most coupons are fairly quick to arrive (within about a week) and expire in about 3 months, which seems to pass way too quickly.  One last site of note is https://www.pgbrandsampler.ca/ where you can get free sample-sized products mailed to you.  The samples are only given away every few months, so sign up for an e-mail notification and you’ll be sure to get your samples.  Did I mention it’s free?  Who doesn’t love a little package of free stuff in the mail?


Bee in the snow.

Regarding deals, Smartcanucks is my favourite site, maybe just because I took the time to familiarize myself with it. I try to check the blog, if nothing else, for deals. I won’t bore you by telling you about the email account I set up only for deals, store emails, etc., but I will bore you further with one last topic. 🙂

Group coupon sites can be really helpful if a coupon comes up for something you’d buy anyways. The theory behind them is that if a group of people purchase a discounted gift card or product, it can be offered at a greater discount. Most are only available for a 24 hour period, but some last longer. You also get money for signing friends up (if they actually buy a deal). More and more spring up every day. My favourite is Groupon, which has both a Vancouver and Victoria site, and is expanding soon to Abbotsford and Kelowna. Right now, in December (presumably for Christmas presents/events), they also have a portion called Grouponicus, which has a few offers per weekday, but the offers are available for more than one day. A few more sites out there include: Hot Deals Live, Kijiji Daily Deal, Wag Jag, Good News, Living Social, and the list goes on. (On an aside, it’s kind of sad that http://www.goodnews.com was taken for this purpose, as opposed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.)  If you want to check most of these all at once,` 


TT in the yard.

www.onesprout.com offers a comprehensive listing of all the current offers from these sites, except Kijiji, which is new and has actually only had two deals so far (the first was $10 for a $25 gift card from Chapters).  I noticed that Swarm Jam has Vancouver Island deals, which is unique among the sites.  Although some sites have Victoria, this one has Campbell River, Port Alberni, Nanaimo, Parksville, etc.  For those wondering why I had to point that out, I’m an Island native. 😉

To the average person perhaps, this might seem somewhat over-the-top, overwhelming, time consuming, and just not worth it.  If you feel that way, at least check out the coupon sites because most of the coupons are for groceries and personal care products that you’d buy anyways.  If you save $10 a month, that’s an extra $120 per year that you can spend at Christmas. 🙂

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December’s here!

November’s over now, and I have to say, it reminds me a lot of February.  It passes quickly and quietly.  Those are the two months that we probably take the fewest pictures (our pictures are all organized by year/month/date) each year. 

Aforementioned Mountain Sheep

Aforementioned Mountain Sheep

This year, there was a bit of excitement with the birth of  our niece, little Lily.  We took a family trip up to Kamloops with Aunty Gassy in tow.  I crocheted a blanket for Lily on the unnecessarily long trip.  (Dear husband likes to take the scenic route.  We did see quite a few mountain sheep and some nice scenery, so I can’t complain much.  The worst part of the trip was Little Monkey’s crying bout from just outside Hope until about when we stopped in Lytton for lunch.)  I’m always fascinated by the change that gradually occurs as we go from one climate to another.  There’s a certain beauty in the landscape’s barrenness in Kamloops.

We enjoyed our short visit, climbing the hill behind S & N’s house, walking to a park nearby, and just visiting.  We have loads of pictures I could share, but I’ll leave you with a few to enjoy.  I’m still figuring out the alignment of photos within this blog, so please bear with me.  I’m also working on attaching a signature with each post. 

 Just as an aside, our time in Merritt was, as usual, unpleasant.  We stopped at Home restaurant for lunch and, while the service wasn’t bad per se, there was no warmth or friendliness whatsoever from our waitress.  I know it’s not an easy job, but a smile goes a long way.


I was continually cold most of the weekend. TT looks somewhat cold as well.


The Main Attraction

Monkey and me

Monkey and me. Uneditted as it's getting late.

The rest of the month seemed to fly by with making Christmas presents, a Christmas card, some baby stuff for Lily and attending the baby shower at the end of the month.  In between has been the usual trials, tribulations, and joys of looking after my three precious girls.  And so, goodnight.  Posted, but not perfect. 🙂

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