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Accidents happen…

Still smiling

I think she forgot all about falling two minutes after the fact.

… a little too often for Monkey.  Last summer she fell off the top of the slide on our porch and still has the scar and discoloured skin to prove it.  Today she decided to head butt a rock wall on the way to school.  You know the moment you figure out exactly what’s about to happen and your stomach tightens and your heart sinks?  Well, that’s how I felt, but by then it was too late to stop Little M from hitting the rocks.  A lot of crying ensued and I had the privilege of carrying her the rest of the way to school and most of the way home.  (No wonder my back’s a bit sore right now.  Or that could possibly be from my perpetual slouching??)  Unfortunately, M’s miserable right now without the added pain.  She’s on the couch beside me, her snores intermittently interrupted by a coughing fit.  Add that to three molars still clawing their ways through her gums and I have one happy little baby!

Navigator, Captain and a couple tourists.

Navigator, Captain and a couple of tourists.

Last Saturday, we headed out to False Creek to the Vancouver Maritime Museum.  In order to save the parking fee ($3.00 per hour and we were there for about 2 hours), we parked a little ways away.  Of course, the second we stepped out of the car, the heavens opened up and we were somewhat drenched by the time we arrived at the museum.  I noticed there are coupons on their site for admission, but we purchased a pass for the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Vancouver and the HR MacMillan Space Centre for a reduced fee.  We had just talked about how we’d like to go to the two places sometime, and the passes don’t expire.


Fisherman TT.

Ready to bail!

Monkey's ready to bail!

Red gown.

Bee all dressed up.


 The kids loved it so much!  Bee didn’t want to leave, even though it was past 12:30 and past time for lunch.  They loved going on the RCMP St. Roch and all the kids’ exhibits at the far end.  The end room is full of activities, dress-up, puzzles, and drawers filled with interesting stuff.  One drawer had some paper doll sheets for the girls to colour and cut out (at home).  Another highlight of the museum was a replica bridge from a Seaspan tugboat (I believe!), which Bee loved, and TT and M enjoyed too.   Of course, J’s happy with anything to do with boats, so he enjoyed himself as well.

Today was so beautiful that I grabbed the camera and we left 15 minutes early to walk to school, and I let Little M and TT walk.  The girls posed for some nice pictures and, of course, M had her little fall. 

Three girls in the sunshine.

Three girls in the sunshine.


Crochet heart.

Right now I’m trying to crochet some hearts to make into hair clips for the girls for Valentine’s Day.  My first one turned out a little lopsided, so I’ll have to be more careful next time to match up how many stitches I do on the sides.  I’m using this pattern (a pdf file), and I’ll glue the heart onto an alligator clip with a bit of felt on the other side.


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