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When I search for WordPress in my Swagbucks toolbar, the link comes up unvisited, and I had to try two passwords before I logged in today.  Yes, it’s been awhile, and I didn’t even check the date of my last post.  Collectively, we’ve been sick for most of March and Little M’s eyeteeth are just about through, which means I’ve had little energy and little free time recently.  Did I mention TT had an ear infection as well?

Our spring break was a bit of a let-down, but we did manage to go shopping downtown, make a trip to the library, go out to Cockney King’s for my brother’s 30th birthday, head to Eileen Dailly Pool for a swim, and enjoy a visit at the Greater Vancouver Zoo.  Bee was sick the earliest, so I think she could have handled more excitement than I could handle.  Not the greatest first spring break ever, I’m sure!

Susie girl

So excited!

The girls loved the zoo, although TT didn’t want to walk anywhere.  Grandma was around, and that means “I want up!” was a favourite refrain, which was indulged almost every time.  Little M loved the giraffes, and still gets excited by pictures of them.  Bee, apparently, liked the donkey the best.  I’m not sure about TT, as she was still kind of miserable from her ear infection.  Maybe the train ride was her favourite because she didn’t have to walk!  My least favourite part was the rudest encounter I’ve had with a stranger.  Let’s just say, someone eavesdropped on a conversation between my sister and me and assumed it was about herself and proceeded to insult me.

Waiting for the train.

TT waiting for the train.

Bee and the Donkey

Bee and her friend.



In the tunnel.

TT in the tunnel.

The last week has been a little bit hard after so long off of our routine, but we weren’t late for school any day.  Today we spent some time at Barnet Marine Park.  It was the first time we’ve explored the place, and I think we’ll enjoy coming back when the weather is better.  It was sprinkling on and off, so the girls couldn’t dig too deeply into the sand, but they certainly enjoyed some tunnel ruins and walking along the shore.

Bee, TT and I also enjoyed a shopping excursion to Michael’s today and spent a little too much money (oops!).  The girls are always asking to do crafts, so I bought some paints, clay, etc. for them.  Of course, it was all on sale, but it adds up so quickly.  I think Bee and TT would enjoy having a mailbox for the numerous letters and cards they like to make, so when I have the patience and time, we’ll be making one out of paper mache.  I have a design in my head for it already.  Also in the crafting bin, I’d like to make a few flower clips with flowers I bought today at Michael’s.  My sister-in-law gave the girls some for Christmas, and they’re super-cute and always get comments from people, so I decided to make some more of different colours.  The sewing I wanted to get done during spring break obviously didn’t happen, so that’s still in the “to do” pile as well.

Little M is getting so big!

Little M is getting so big! She loved running around and exploring.

I can’t wait for some nice spring weather, which, so far, has only made a few short appearances and for the spring coats and warm sunshine to go with the blossoms and blooms that have already come out.  I tend to take more pictures when the weather is nicer, and have a lot of favourite pictures of the girls from the spring in previous years. 

So, hopefully my next post won’t be so long in coming, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll have a photo of a finished craft, or some pictures of the girls in the sunshine in spring outfits!


Bee at the ruins.


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