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Early this morning, I awoke to the sound of rain.  Living in the Greater Vancouver area, this happens more often than not; however, after a moment, I realized the sound of rain was coming from inside our apartment suite, not outside!  Now, at 1:00am, I’m not very lucid, but the sight of water pouring out of the light fixture in our suite’s hallway was enough to instantly wake me up.  Apparently, it was enough to wake up John as well since I didn’t have to kick him like I usually would. 😉 

I rounded up as many pails as I could find and started mopping up the small flood in the kitchen.  Knowing the manager would be coming to see our problem, we proceded to tidy up the living room and kitchen.  After checking the girls’ room, John cleared off their floor as water was coming up through the carpet and the girls are notorious for leaving books on the floor, including library books. 


Poor lighting conditions as most of the lights were off due to wetness.

After two hours of cleaning and emptying buckets of water, the plumber came to the apartment and fixed the burst pipe upstairs.  Gradually the water slowed down and we were able to get back to bed.  The adrenaline, unfortunately, kept us awake for quite a while.  Just after drowsing off, TT’s crying woke me up.  Ironically, the girls slept through the entire ordeal, but a bad dream woke them up. 

The carpets are still soggy, but clean (thanks to the manager and her husband).  We’re still tired, but nothing a little sleep won’t cure.  Now I’m hoping for a good long sleep tonight.  Since weaning, Little M has been sleeping so much better at night, but now that I’ve broadcast that information, I’m sure she’ll stop just to laugh at me! 🙂


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I’m certainly glad I can add the last word onto the title–“Found.”  Is it the same for every parent: looking for “lost” things multiple

Sweet picture of Daddy and Bee

Sweet picture of Daddy and Bee

times per day, or am I just disorganized?  “Where’s your teddy?”  “Where’s your soother?”  “Where’s your backpack?”  “What time is it?”  “We’re going to be late!” 

While there are the normal, everyday searches for lost items, there are also the thoroughly missing items as well.  In the last week, Bee lost her coat (at the mall), Little M lost my keys (in the house), her sippy cup (in the car) and the garage door opener (twice).  I had given up hope of getting Bee’s coat back, since it wasn’t found for five days, so I was thoroughly surprised–and happy– when the mall customer service called to let me know it was found!  Dear Husband found my keys after a couple days of searching.  Our place was nicely cleaned up, although you can barely tell now.  (Remember learning in science class that everything tends toward disorder?  Well, children certainly are a catalyst in that area.)  DH also found the garage door opener (affectionately known as The Clicker) twice, since Ms got ahold of it a second time.  Finally, I found the sippy cup six days later under the front passenger seat of the car, having unsuccessfully searched there from the backseat the day it disappeared. 


Little M with a stolen (from her sister) teddy and a flower

Did you all watch the royal wedding?  DH put up some video clips of the wedding for the girls to watch after he left for work.  Bee navigated through them and the girls ended up watching a couple hour’s worth of footage.  Yes, they even watched the whole carriage ride, post ceremony, although, Bee did mention that it was somewhat boring (the 20 minutes of carriage ride, not the ceremony, which was pronounced weird and funny).  For the past week, I’ve watched numerous wedding reenactments by Bee and TT, which inevitably start with a fight over who gets the veil and who gets to be Kate (or Cake, as TT says).  Their vows range from bizarre to humourous and  Bee even remembers how many kisses to copy on the balcony. 

TT with the storm clouds

TT with the storm clouds at Deer Lake Park.

The weather didn’t really cooperate today for any special outings, but we did fit a walk in at Deer Lake Park between hail storms.  The girls were disappointed that there were no ducks to feed, but did enjoy seeing some geese with their goslings and going through a big puddle in the car.  Some disappointment was expressed over missing an even bigger puddle, but there was some concern over its depth. 

We also picked up some Chinese food so that I won’t have to prepare a meal on Mother’s Day.  I won’t complain about all the dishes I’ll have to do, because that would be pushing it. 😉  Mmm, I’m already looking forward to the lettuce wraps tomorrow!  Bee can hardly wait for Mother’s Day.  She’s been asking me every day if she can give me my card yet.  She already gave me a geranium in a clay pot she made at school.  Hopefully it survives for awhile, as I’m somewhat forgetful about watering and such like.

Now I’m off to go look for some missing bandaids!  What else is new?? 🙂

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