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I started the day carrying one backpack, but I slowly collected three before putting one back in the car.

The last few months have left me feeling tired and sick in the evenings—my time to write these blog posts.  I won’t be ambitious, trying to write all the posts I’ve started either on the computer or in my mind; I’ll stick to today!

This morning we loaded up the (station) wagon with people and headed to a pumpkin patch, where we met Bessie-Bee’s class for a field trip.  A neighbour and my sister-in-law and her son came along with us… And we had a bit of an adventure finding the place.  Next field trip, I’m google mapping the location as the teacher’s map left a lot to be desired.  Either that, or I should remember to put the Greater Vancouver mapbook back in the car as the maps of Kamloops and the interior don’t really help out too much in these situations.

Anyway, we arrived at the pumpkin patch on time and with time to spare since the busses were late.  I’m certain the children all had fun, although the younger ones were lagging by about 1 o’clock.  As an adult, I found we were being herded like sheep, rushed along and rarely stopped to take any pictures I would have

We love pumpkins!

We love pumpkins!

normally taken.  We also missed out on the corn maze, which I know my girls were looking forward to since I had told them about it beforehand. 

The children started out the day with lunch in giant tipis.  We sat outside on a bench since there wasn’t any room left in the tipi.  After lunch, we looked at the animals: an assortment of farm animals including emus, chickens, ducks, ponies, goats, donkeys, and rabbits.  About this time, it started to feel like a beautiful summer’s day, which was gorgeous, but a little warm for “fall wear”.  I won’t complain as I love warm autumn days.


Big Bunny.Ride 'em cowgirls.

Next, the children were able to run around a small area with wooden animals that they could interact with. Cows to “milk”, tractors to “drive” and wooden cutouts to stand behind.  I couldn’t help thinking that this was a snap-happy zone more than anything, but perhaps I’m jaded by a society that’s more interested in taking a photo than enjoying the moment (I’m guilty of this too sometimes). Another cowgirl.

The woods were our penultimate stop (You can thank my father-in-law for that word).  A lot of work went into setting up different themed areas in the woods with wooden figures, gnomes, and pumpkins.  It reminded me of our visit to The Enchanted Forest in Revelstoke in a much smaller scale.  As we filed through the woods in somewhat of a “tour guide” fashion, the kids pointed out different animals and characters they recognized. 

As it was getting late, we had to skip the gold panning and corn maze and go straight to the pumpkin-picking!  For some reason, this is a favourite of the girls.  I was somewhat disappointed by the small state of all the pumpkins, but I’m sure the girls loved them more for being small.

We all had a good day, with no major mishaps and beautiful weather.  I would have enjoyed myself a little more if we were able to go at our own pace and spend more time at areas of greater interest.  Maybe someone with a type-A personality runs the farm. 😉  Now I just have to convince the girls to wait until Halloween to carve the pumpkins or they’ll be rotten long before it ever comes!

Can we get another one please??


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