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My Monkey

Mischivous monkey glint.

My youngest daughter is a monkey: mischivous and full of energy, fun-loving and affectionate.  Careful though, when she’s angry, she bites.  Of course, that might have something to do with the pre-molars that–finally!–I can see coming through.

At least it was yellow this time!

Aftermath of a felt episode. At least it was yellow this time and not black!

Every time I turn around from doing a task, I see some bit of trouble that my monkey’s caused.  She loves drawing on herself (her skin, not her clothes) with markers and smothering herself with cream.  Today my monkey found the vaseline, took a handful and smeared it all over her face and hands.  I noticed only because of the sound of her trying to blow her nose to clear the vaseline out of her nostrils.  Also today, she jumped out of the tub and started playing with the water tap in the sink while I was away from the bathroom for a couple of minutes.  (Don’t worry, she was in there with her older sister.)  Let’s just say, I did an impromptu thorough cleaning of the bathroom.

You’re more likely to see my second daughter in the stroller than my youngest.  My youngest enjoys exploring on foot (at a snail’s pace sometimes, unfortunately for me) the entire way to school.  At this moment, there are approximately 40+ chestnuts in our house, most collected by little M.  When cooped up at home, however, this energy turns her into a small hurricane that goes through the play area and previously clean areas are thoroughly messed up within minutes.  Where does the energy come from?  Her regularly scheduled trips to the fridge to help herself to yogourt, cheesestrings, grapes, etc. might be key in answering that.

Another staircase. Picture 13/23.

Another staircase.


My monkey’s somewhat of an odd-ball though.  The other day, she decided to stop at every staircase on the way home from school, sitting down to pose for a picture.  (And yes, I’m too much of a mother to delete any of the pictures that turned out.)  She’ll spend 20 minutes playing with her sisters’ Leapsters, “aping” them (haha) by tapping at the screen with the stylus.  I’m not sure how much progress she actually makes.

Little M loves her family, especially Daddy.  She runs to him when he gets home from work, complies with him so readily and is happy to go out on errands with him.  She also likes to cheer up someone when he/she’s unhappy… like TT who’s grumpy because her feet are cold from snow coming in her boots, or Bessie who’s also moody from teething (first 6-year-old molar’s halfway through!).

When the day is done for my little monkey though, it’s done.  Be it in the middle of playing with toys, eating supper, or sitting in meeting, she collapses suddenly into sleep.  I have more than one or two pictures to prove it too! 🙂

Asleep at last.

Asleep at last.



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A visit to the capital

Our Remembrance Day weekend was spent in Victoria with a bag of mixed weather and lots to do.

We parked the car at the Native parking lot five minutes out of Tsawwassen ferry terminal and arrived with less than ten minutes to spare to catch the ferry.  We enjoyed the breakfast buffet aboard the Coastal Celebration’s 10:00 sailing with lots of eggs, sausage, potatoes, French toast, fruit, yogourt and granola, toast, hot chocolate and so on!  With a window table, the girls were able to enjoy the seagulls soar beside the ferry, and John was able to watch the passing ferries.

Believe it or not, prior to the trip, the girls were most looking forward to riding on a double-decker bus (“upper-decker bus” as they most frequently call it).   So, we waited for two buses to leave before getting top front seats on the third bus.  The bus driver was very friendly and had the girls press the stop buttons and count the seats before leaving the terminal.  She also wanted a rendition of The Wheels On the Bus, but Bee wasn’t all that interested in accommodating her for more than a few lines.

"Upper-decker" bus!

"Upper-decker" bus!

Once we arrived in downtown Victoria, we had a small snack before heading to Miniature World.  The girls and a certain male enjoyed playing with the train in one of the first exhibits, where most of our time was spent.  After a “walk through history” miniature-style, we walked to our accommodations, The Admiral Inn, and dropped off our luggage.

Miniature World

WWII airplanes.

Some of us had pre-dinner naps before heading to the Spaghetti Factory, which is somewhat of a tradition for us (Eating at The Old Spaghetti Factory, not the naps).  After being filled with sourdough bread, soup and salad, spaghetti, lasagna, manicotti and spumoni ice cream, we headed back to our rooms to put the kids to bed.

In the morning, after continental breakfast (which the girls always love), we headed out to the Remembrance Day parade and ceremony in front of the parliament buildings.  It had started to rain a little bit and from what I could hear, there was a hold up while w

Queen Victoria statue in front of the legislature buildings.

Queen Victoria statue in front of the legislature buildings.

aiting for the Right Honourable Somebody-er-other.  The long moments of silence gave me a chance to think about two things–verses, actually, from the Bible–“Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends,” and “…when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son.”  I always think about these verses on Remembrance Day because I can’t help thinking about Someone who was willing to die for His enemies while I’m thinking of those who gave their lives, or are willing to give their lives, for their “friends”.

Meghan ended up falling asleep and we left before the end of the ceremony to get some lunch and figure out where my folks were, as they were meeting us.  I heartily recommend avoiding the Royal BC Museum’s cafe.  The food was lame; the service was lame; the prices were lame.  We did, however, enjoy watching two IMAX films: one about beavers and one about orphaned elephants and orangutans.  After seeing how much the girls enjoyed the IMAX experience, I thought it would be fun to take them to the Omnimax.  Maybe someday I’ll actually be brave enough to do that. 😉  After telling you about the weather in the first sentence of this post, I’ll just add that it was incredibly windy yet sunny that afternoon.


Motivating factor for our walk? For one of us anyway!

The following day, the girls went off with my family to their hotel for a swim while John and I went for a walk.  The rain held off for the most part, so we enjoyed a walk out to and along the Ogden Point breakwater.  While on the breakwater, we met some tourists, who used me as a nature-expert and photographer much to John’s amusement.  We stopped for hot chocolates at a cafe at the start of the breakwater.  Unfortunately, the hot chocolates were only somewhat warm and overpriced.  I won’t complain though because they had whipped cream on top. 🙂

The rest of the day was taken up with menial things like meals and a ferry ride.  When I was childless, I enjoyed ferry rides, don’t get me wrong… Now they’re more of a torture sentence while I entertain or at least supervise three children in an enclosed space while enduring other people’s children.  Can you tell I never aspired to be a teacher or daycare worker?  I have to say, after an hour in the play area on the ferry, I started to fervently hope that my next baby isn’t a boy.

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