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B is for … baby, boy, blue

A teenaged boy asked where he could buy a sympathy card because he wanted to give one to Fraser (my newborn).  His reason: he only has one sister, but poor Fraser has three older sisters.  I suppose a sympathy card could be warranted at times when the girls fight over who gets to hold their little brother.  When they dress him up as a princess or make him their dolly, maybe I’ll give him a sympathy card myself.

Sitting with Daddy

Sitting with Daddy.

Needless to say, having a boy is still new to me.  While I was hoping for a boy (for the first time, I must say), I was still surprised to look down and discover we’d actually had one.  With a newborn, it certainly makes very little difference whether it’s a boy or girl, but as he gets older, I’m sure male tendencies will come out.

Baby's first bath

Four girls giving Fraser his first bath.

By the fourth child, I’ve gotten rather lax in some areas.   Outfits are worn for days at a time until there’s some obvious staining/smell attached to them.  Baby’s first bath happened in a blue Rubbermaid container.  Baby visited my grade 1er’s class to be poked and prodded by a bunch of germ-infested children.

And here are a few more “Bs” to add to the title.  Breastfeeding… constantly right now.  Baby brain… from lack of sleep.   Fraser is going through a growth spurt right now and I’m more than ready for it to end, as it’s left me rather exhausted.  He had just gotten into a pretty good night-time sleeping habit when he upped his eating (and pooping… sorry if that falls under the category “Too much information.”) and lowered his sleeping times.  Hopefully there’s a return to good sleeping soon.

I think Fraser has the most interesting stories associated with him so far.  Not only was he

Happy 1 week birthday!

John celebrated Fraser's one-week anniversary by buying a piece of carrot cake (the size of Fraser's head) from Safeway.

“delivered” by nurses in the maternity ward, but I also had to have my rings ground off because my finger swelled up rather rapidly in a few hours at night (presumably from not drinking enough water while breastfeeding??).  Since it was at night time, I waited until the morning to go to the walk-in-clinic at Brentwood Mall only to be told they didn’t have the equipment to remove rings so I was sent to the Walmart on Grandview only to be told it was Superstore that has the walk-in clinic (which isn’t far away, but I had a newborn and a 2 1/2 year-old with me).  Upon arriving at Superstore, I was told the walk-in-clinic didn’t open until 10, so I ended up driving back to one near my house and was given a two-hour wait time.  Because of the receptionist’s incompetence, I actually waited three hours before the doctor could help me.  By this time, I was just relieved to get the rings off and didn’t dwell on the fact that it was my engagement and wedding rings being wrecked.

The girls are developing their relationships with Fraser.  Victoria seems to have a good rapport with Fraser.  She snuggles him right up to her and he usually falls asleep or is at least content for her.  Bethany always loves to hold Fraser and give him a good morning snuggle and another one when she gets home from school.  She likes to “fetch” him when he wakes up as well.  Meghan alternates between wanting to hold the baby or touch the baby to wanting to (gently) kick at him and send him away.

All curled up with his blanket.

All curled up with his blanket.


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It seems like I’ve spent a lot of time lately staring at the calendar counting down the days left until my due date.  And while I keep thinking it’s sooo far away, we’re down to eight days now.  Unfortunately, if the past is any indication, I’ll be starting a new countdown once I reach that: ten days until induction.

Although I can’t help feeling somewhat impatient, I’m busy enough that the time has been flying by.  I’ve fallen into a weekly routine with Meghan and Victoria: Mondays are for Strong Start; Tuesdays “we” do laundry” and Wednesdays “we” clean up; Thursdays we go to circle time at the library; and Fridays we go to the hospital for a check-up.  The girls sometimes ask if we can go to Strong Start extra times, but I prefer to keep it to once a week because we don’t get lunch until late and Meghan’s rather cranky and difficult while she gets her last premolar!  (On an aside, I’m so glad she’s getting it before Baby comes because I’ll be tired enough without any extra crankiness to deal with.)

I’ve been enjoying little moments with the girls, which would be easier to show you with pictures, but I don’t tend to take pictures of these things.  This week’s have included: Bethany reading to her two sisters, one on either side of her.  Meghan running up to Bethany after school, hugging her and saying, “I love you.”  Victoria sitting with Meghan in the bathroom with Meghan sitting on the toilet while Victoria “reads” to her.  Victoria, massive belly because she has twin bears under her nightie, getting checked out by “Dr. Bethany” and “Nurse Meghan”… then having a c-section and getting stitched up.

Spring is coming and each time I notice something to prove that, I’m happy.  We’ve seen some flowers on the way to school and the rhododendruns out front have a few pink petals showing.  Magnolia buds have appeared, and the girls like to feel how soft they are.  Today we saw birds flitting back and forth from a tree, probably making a nest.  I’m ready for sunshine and flowers and rain puddles without being cold and letting the kids play outside more often.

Now I’ve had this sitting here for a couple of days because I wanted to add some pictures so I don’t bore you with only my writing, but I’m no closer to getting pictures on than I was two days ago.  Maybe I’ll put up a few pictures on their own post if I ever get around to it. 🙂

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