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Savouring the moments

My son has been dealing with a rash for many months.  Teething and certain foods (dairy) have made it worse, although not so much the dairy anymore. I love babies’ smooth, soft skin; although, I always wonder if the baby is thinking, “My, what rough hands that lady has!” I’ve really missed that. However, in the last few months, my son’s rash has become a lot better and I’m loving his soft cheeks again. The poor boy is being smothered by kisses. In a few years, he won’t let me kiss his chubby little cheeks, so I’m getting in a lifetime of kisses now–thankful that presently he enjoys it too.DSC_0918

While my son’s rash was particularly bad, I had other moms wondering about it, all with their opinions on what caused it and what would help it, which lead me to think about just how varied people are because of their background, history, education and values. There are all sorts of mothers (and fathers) out there. Wear-your-baby types, cry-it-out types, attachment-style parenting types, “tiger moms”, and on and on and on.

When people find out I have four children (Not that I think that’s a lot of children), they often say, “You must be an expert at this!” Sure, I do have more experience than some people, but honestly I’m sometimes lost as to what to do, or totally disorganized, or completely overwhelmed. The truth is, I sort of wing it. I’m a “whatever works, do it” kind of mom, within the parameters of acceptability. Sometimes I wear my baby, sometimes I’m so organized life seems relatively easy, sometimes I co-sleep (every night with my youngest right now), sometimes I let my children cry because sometimes a good cry is all they need. If it’s not a big issue, I try not to pick a fight. And as long as our children are happy, healthy and learning how to interact well with others, it doesn’t matter if my way of parenting is everyone else’s.

This week, my three-year-old is visiting Grandma’s house. I’ve been busy, but I miss my little scoot. Of course, it always seems to work out that my baby fusses when I have a chance to get a ton of work done. Not only does he have two teeth coming through, but he’s also got a cold.

I’ve experienced life a little differently this week. Loneliness-missing my little girl. Guilt-watching as my son fell to the floor from the high chair, too far away to make a difference. Silence-the clock in the kitchen actually makes a ticking sound and I tend to fill the silence by talking to myself. Tiredness-fighting a cold, doing a lot of work and being woken up by a sick and teething baby. Laughter-my son is such a ham. He gets so worked up he starts to blow bubbles as he cries and then he stops crying and just blows bubbles instead. He breathes heavily through his nose because it sounds funny and makes me laugh. Thankfulness. On Sunday, a visitor talked about the verse: “In everything give thanks for this is the will of God for you.” Thankful when you’re in a rush to get out the door and you discover a dirty diaper. Thankful when you wake up to your daughter banging around in the kitchen at 7:00 (hehem, especially since she was putting away the dry dishes for you!). Thankful for a home, no matter how big or small, old or new. Thankful for your family, regardless of the trials you go through with them.

p.s. I wrote this a few months ago and have just gone through to edit it, but didn’t want to rewrite all of it to make sense for today being now. Hope that makes sense. 🙂


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