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Unlike some other posts I’ve written, I really don’t know where I’m starting or where I’m going with this.  And I’m sure that’s not something I’m supposed to confess to you right up front.  We’ve been busy, but not with exciting stuff. 

Since I wrote the first paragraph, my youngest daughter woke up and walked into the kitchen surprising me while whipping cream for hot chocolate and I became an auntie of another niece!  That is so exciting!  (The new niece, not my baby waking up!)  I’m kind of partial to little girls since I have three of my own.  Plus I can shovel off excess baby stuff on my dear sister-in-law. 🙂  I also have so many more craft ideas for girls than boys.  I thought I’d have a little longer to make a “welcome package,” but baby was 15 days late.  We’re planning on visiting the newest arrival (who remains unnamed to my knowledge) on Remembrance Day weekend. 

Last Friday, Bee’s class was asked to dress up for Halloween, so I had some practise with getting their costumes just right.  I also had fun taking some pictures.  I put Monkey in a Tigger vest since she had a morning nap and I didn’t actually have her real costume ready!

Happy girls all dressed up!

On Saturday, October 30, we took the girls out trick-or-treating to Burnaby Heights.  Two of my sisters-in-law came along with a groom to Little Monkey’s bride.  Bee dressed up as Pippi Longstocking and TT went as Little Red Riding Hood.  So many people commented on the costumes, especially Pippi!  I made her dress from a second-hand adult plus-size skirt, which worked out so well.  I just did a freehand sketch and fixed up the shoulders after sewing it together.  The streets were crowded, with a bit of mayhem for strollers, but not as bad as I heard Brentwood Mall was, which is where we initially intended to take the kids. 

Our troupe.

Four trick-or-treaters.

There are tons of tutorials for making glass jars into Halloween decor out there.  It’s such a simple, cheap idea that I decided to do it with the girls.  I already had everything on hand, except the orange tissue paper.  The girls really enjoyed making the pumpkins, which makes me wish that I did more crafts with them.  Housework seems to keep getting in the way of all my wonderful, grand ideas though!  I might get them to add some green ribbon around the rim to make the jars look more finished.

Pumpkins and glasses.

Just over 7 weeks until Christmas!   Now that’s my favourite time of the year, or “the most wonderful time of the year” if you really want to get Christmasy. 🙂  I’ve started Christmas shopping/making and have a picture picked out for Christmas cards!  The problem is, I start thinking about these things at the beginning of November, figure that I still have lots of time, and end up putting it off so long that I have to scramble to get everything done in time for Christmas.  This year, we have holidays planned all around Christmas, so I need to be more prepared than usual.  Two weeks off to enjoy Vancouver Island is good motivation though!


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