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En Route to Salt Spring Island.

Our first camping trip of the season is now a distant memory, but it definitely whet our appetite for more . . . perhaps without any rain.  Or if the rain must come, it would be nice to have a tarp or two.  We’ve planned our summer camping trip tentatively for Quadra Island with our canoe, so we have something to look foward to enjoying as soon as John’s manager approves the request for time off.

We started our trip with the buffet aboard the Spirit of Vancouver Island en route to Swartz Bay, where we just managed to catch the ferry to Salt Spring.  The sun was beating down on us, and I would have pulled out the sunscreen if the ferry ride was longer.  Upon disembarking, we headed to Ruckle Park amidst the “Are we almost there?” and “How much further?”s.  (Did I really do that as a child?  How annoying!)  I could understand the excitement, however, and tried to be patient with my impatient children. 

Site Number One.

Site number one, all set up and ready for use.

After a few minutes of contemplation, we chose spot number one, tucked away in the forest for privacy’s sake.  Site number 1 boasted a raised wooden platform to set our tent up on.  Unfortunately, TT managed to fall and scrape her thigh on said raised wooden platform.  The scrapes must have hurt because she had a good cry, and it looked quite painful; however, in typical childish manner, she forgot all about it 5 minutes later.

We spent most of the day relaxing and walking along the coast, made up of bluffs and

TT, deer scarer, insect killer.

slabs of rock with pockets of tidal pools.  There were tons of sea anenome and starfish.  We also saw some deer along the trails, who didn’t seem to mind humans too much until TT started singing “I’m the king of the castle, you’re the silly rascals!”  For some reason, that scared them away rather quickly.  We ended the day with a post-supper, pre-bedtime walk to enjoy the sunshine. 

It took awhile for the girls to settle down because they were excited, but once they were asleep, they slept through the night except for a

potty break for TT (We totally forgot to grab her little potty that we meant to bring).  The disturbance woke up May-May of course (Little Monkey’s latest nickname, and her name for herself), who crawled up between our mattresses and fell asleep again. 

It's not bedtime yet!

Notice I said the girls slept through the night?  Around 4am, the rain started and didn’t really stop.  We ate our breakfast in the tent before taking it down because, as I eluded to earlier, we had no tarps and we almost didn’t put the fly over the tent.

Before heading to my folks’ house, we enjoyed an hour or so at Piper’s Lagoon in Nanaimo.  We walked along the beach, to the top of the hill and across to the other side of the lagoon.  The girls were good little hikers and May-May was the only one who needed a lift back to the car.

Breakfast in the tent.

p.s.  Let me know if you’re visiting the park and I’ll give you an overview of the

outhouses since TT had potty issues and I’m quite sure we saw the inside of the outhouses 25 times during the course of less than 24 hours.  Bee can tell you an exciting story that she remembers best about camping.  We definitely need to go on another trip! 😉

Girls at Piper's Lagoon


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Happy 2011!

Jelly Bean and Monkey

Monkey's Christmas present!

Every time I sit down to write, I try to ask myself, “Am I writing something anyone’s actually interested in hearing?”, which is why I’ve restarted this post a couple of times now! 🙂  By the way, I don’t have any pictures from our holidays because my laptop is in for repairs before the warranty runs out.  So, I’m adding random shots from the last couple of weeks.  My parents and sister bought me a new flash, so I’ve been having fun playing with it a bit, between cleaning the house, dealing with a cold, and getting woken up at night by a teething baby.

We had a busy Christmas and New Year’s, with lots of travelling.  We started out in Sidney on Vancouver Island.  Day one started with the coastal buffet on the ferry between Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay and a visit to Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre.  J, Little Monkey and I had all been to the aquarium before, but it was new for Bee and TT.  Bee and TT now have a year’s pass to the centre, but I don’t think we’ll be using them again.  😛 

TT's Teddy

It still surprises me when TT poses for a picture!

On day 2, we headed across the Mill Bay ferry to Mill Bay and then drove to Crofton, where we caught the ferry to Salt Spring Island.  We enjoyed lunch at a restaurant overlooking the ferry terminal, and then drove over to catch the ferry back to Swartz Bay.  On the ferry, we got to go up to the bridge because one of J’s friends works on it.  The girls were shy about it… maybe because we told them the captain would make them walk the plank if they were bad?? 😉 

Day 3, we headed to Victoria to visit Craigdarroch Castle, grab some Subway, check out the Christmas tree at the Parliament buildings and enjoy Beacon Hill Park.  We took some silhouette shots for J’s profile picture on facebook because his old one showed himself with Bee when she was a baby!  We enjoyed our three days together before heading to family Christmas celebrations. 

Bee and her Teddy

Bee and her Teddy at Long Beach.

On day 4 it was pouring rain, so we headed straight to my folks’ house near Parksville, for “Christmas” the following day.  On Christmas day, we enjoyed an early morning (for us;)) ferry ride, the 10:30 from Departure Bay to Horseshoe Bay, in order to be with J’s family for Christmas dinner, presents and a game.

To finish off the last day of our Sailpass, we headed back to my family’s house.  Tuesday through Thursday night, we stayed at Terrace Beach Resort, where we stayed before. We enjoyed gorgeous weather and sunsets, hot tubs in the evening, electric fireplaces, a bear outside the door rummaging through the garbage can, and yummy food courtesy of my mom and cookies courtesy of Theresa.  Monkey also acquired a new nickname: Swiper!  The girls borrowed a Dora dvd from the office at the resort, so when they saw how Monkey always steals food and toys from her older sisters, Papa called her Swiper.

Long Beach

Monkey/Swiper and I at Long Beach.

I also have a birthday within the first week of the year, so we’ve celebrated that a few times.  On the twelfth day of Christmas (my birthday), my true love gave to me a digital picture frame!  I’m just waiting on my laptop to get the pictures transferred to the picture frame.  Confession: actually, I’ve started choosing pictures I want on it since we do have all our pictures backed up on an external hard drive!

So, now it’s back to school and back to work.  I’ve been trying to get the apartment back into shape, but it’s difficult when the Christmas influx comes.  I have another confession: I haven’t actually finished unpacking from our holidays.  I think I have one more bin to do!  Then maybe I’ll get around to making some New Year’s resolutions that I can break! 😉  Anyone else do that? 

A Barrel of Monkeys.

A barrel of monkeys!

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