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June Bugs

Last week Grandma was visiting and we had a full, busy week with a class field trip to the Children’s Festival on Granville Island, a day off, a couple of shopping expeditions, a ton of baking, sewing a dress, and a parade followed by a picnic at Confederation park.


Farfalle- Italian for "butterflies"; also the name of the show she watched.

The Children’s Festival was fun for the kids, but not a place I’d willingly choose to go to on my own. Paying five dollars each when not all of us participated in the activities seems like a rip off and there are lines everywhere. The girls’ favourite station was face painting, which Bee talked about before the field trip and afterwards. Thankfully it only rained for an hour or so while Bee enjoyed a show about butterflies. Mom, TT, May-May and I holed up at the Kids’ Market since we weren’t prepared for rain (read t-shirts and sweaters with no umbrellas). We enjoyed window shopping at a toddler’s pace, particularly at the shop with puppets.

The day's theme was "butterflies".

On Bee’s day off, we took it easy for the morning since the girls were tired from their field trip the previous day. In the afternoon, we took the girls swimming, one of their favourite activities. We were enjoying ourselves until the power went out due to a bit of a thunderstorm.  The lights took 20 minutes to come back on, so we had to wait at the side of the swimming pool in our bathing suits (my theory is that bathing suits belong in the water and mad dashes are required when out of the water! 😉 ).

After wolfing down a bit of lunch, the girls ran off to play... until dessert came out!Burnaby’s Hat’s Off Day parade went well.  If you want a critique of the parade, my only complaint is that there were some awfully large gaps between groups (over a block long in one case), causing the parade to take longer than it needed to last.  The girls’ booty bag was filled with reusable water bottles, candy, balloons, helium balloons, and tons of pamphlets.  They added to their bag after walking up Hastings Street.  We picked up a Vancity reusable bag, wasted 10 minutes in a line-up to see if our “key” (received during the parade) opened the door to prizes, and the girls got RCMP kids’ packages (three tattoos, two big stickers and a colouring book in a little bag).  We then headed to Confederation Park for a picnic of egg sandwiches, 6-layer dip, veggies and cupcakes for dessert.  The girls enjoyed the waterpark (a bit cold, they told me) and then the playground before heading home.

May-may didn't mind the cold as much as the other two did.Love this picture of May-may!Love this picture of May-may!Love this picture of May-may!

Lately, with the un-rainy weather (I say that because I’m not a huge fan of hot weather), we’ve enjoyed time outside in the “front yard”.  The girls play with sidewalk chalk, pick stuff for salads (fallen flowers, sticks, leaves, pinecones, etc.), play with balls, “bikes”, or skipping ropes.  Bee and I enjoy playing “soccer” with each other; she’s turning out to be pretty good at it when she’s not goofing off.  The funny thing is, there’s a boy from Bee’s class who lives above and beside us, and a lot of the time he’ll come to his window or patio and talk (loudly!) to us.  “What are you doing?  I’m washing my toy house.  Want to see my cat?”  He’s a cute little guy. 

Love this picture of May-may!

Bee wanted in on the “matching sisters” photos. 🙂

Matching outfits, one purchased used. Taking a picture break.

Bee’s quite the little “teacher”/”mother” or some such thing.  She’s always helping the other kids with work or to find something or to keep organized.  Today she helped a classmate’s older brother find his mom.  Can you tell that she has a mother who needs a lot of help? 🙂  I’m only slightly scatter-brained when I’m sleep deprived. 

The rest of June is filling up quickly as well.  Bee’s class has plans for sports day and a school picnic that they want parents to be involved in, and we have two little June Bugs with birthdays eleven calendar days apart. I’d like to make their birthdays special, but June is already going by so quickly that I’m afraid those days will come before I’m ready for them. 

P.s.  I just realized that I never took a picture of TT’s dress, so you’ll just have to wait, Steph.


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Accidents happen…

Still smiling

I think she forgot all about falling two minutes after the fact.

… a little too often for Monkey.  Last summer she fell off the top of the slide on our porch and still has the scar and discoloured skin to prove it.  Today she decided to head butt a rock wall on the way to school.  You know the moment you figure out exactly what’s about to happen and your stomach tightens and your heart sinks?  Well, that’s how I felt, but by then it was too late to stop Little M from hitting the rocks.  A lot of crying ensued and I had the privilege of carrying her the rest of the way to school and most of the way home.  (No wonder my back’s a bit sore right now.  Or that could possibly be from my perpetual slouching??)  Unfortunately, M’s miserable right now without the added pain.  She’s on the couch beside me, her snores intermittently interrupted by a coughing fit.  Add that to three molars still clawing their ways through her gums and I have one happy little baby!

Navigator, Captain and a couple tourists.

Navigator, Captain and a couple of tourists.

Last Saturday, we headed out to False Creek to the Vancouver Maritime Museum.  In order to save the parking fee ($3.00 per hour and we were there for about 2 hours), we parked a little ways away.  Of course, the second we stepped out of the car, the heavens opened up and we were somewhat drenched by the time we arrived at the museum.  I noticed there are coupons on their site for admission, but we purchased a pass for the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Vancouver and the HR MacMillan Space Centre for a reduced fee.  We had just talked about how we’d like to go to the two places sometime, and the passes don’t expire.


Fisherman TT.

Ready to bail!

Monkey's ready to bail!

Red gown.

Bee all dressed up.


 The kids loved it so much!  Bee didn’t want to leave, even though it was past 12:30 and past time for lunch.  They loved going on the RCMP St. Roch and all the kids’ exhibits at the far end.  The end room is full of activities, dress-up, puzzles, and drawers filled with interesting stuff.  One drawer had some paper doll sheets for the girls to colour and cut out (at home).  Another highlight of the museum was a replica bridge from a Seaspan tugboat (I believe!), which Bee loved, and TT and M enjoyed too.   Of course, J’s happy with anything to do with boats, so he enjoyed himself as well.

Today was so beautiful that I grabbed the camera and we left 15 minutes early to walk to school, and I let Little M and TT walk.  The girls posed for some nice pictures and, of course, M had her little fall. 

Three girls in the sunshine.

Three girls in the sunshine.


Crochet heart.

Right now I’m trying to crochet some hearts to make into hair clips for the girls for Valentine’s Day.  My first one turned out a little lopsided, so I’ll have to be more careful next time to match up how many stitches I do on the sides.  I’m using this pattern (a pdf file), and I’ll glue the heart onto an alligator clip with a bit of felt on the other side.

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