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Okay, I admit it, I’m frugal, if not a bit on the cheap side–hopefully not to the point of being ungenerous though.  When I see a good sale, it’s so hard to pass it up, but I’m learning to ask myself, “Do I really need this?” or “Will someone really like and use this?”  I rarely ever buy something that isn’t on sale, unless I know it’s a good, reasonable price, or I really need the item, or it’s something that rarely goes on sale.  Now I collect coupons the way I used to collect stickers as a little girl.

I use a few different websites to order coupons that are mailed directly to me.  Here are the sites I use (all Canadian): Save.ca , Brandsaver, Websaver, and Go Coupons.  Most coupons are fairly quick to arrive (within about a week) and expire in about 3 months, which seems to pass way too quickly.  One last site of note is https://www.pgbrandsampler.ca/ where you can get free sample-sized products mailed to you.  The samples are only given away every few months, so sign up for an e-mail notification and you’ll be sure to get your samples.  Did I mention it’s free?  Who doesn’t love a little package of free stuff in the mail?


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Regarding deals, Smartcanucks is my favourite site, maybe just because I took the time to familiarize myself with it. I try to check the blog, if nothing else, for deals. I won’t bore you by telling you about the email account I set up only for deals, store emails, etc., but I will bore you further with one last topic. 🙂

Group coupon sites can be really helpful if a coupon comes up for something you’d buy anyways. The theory behind them is that if a group of people purchase a discounted gift card or product, it can be offered at a greater discount. Most are only available for a 24 hour period, but some last longer. You also get money for signing friends up (if they actually buy a deal). More and more spring up every day. My favourite is Groupon, which has both a Vancouver and Victoria site, and is expanding soon to Abbotsford and Kelowna. Right now, in December (presumably for Christmas presents/events), they also have a portion called Grouponicus, which has a few offers per weekday, but the offers are available for more than one day. A few more sites out there include: Hot Deals Live, Kijiji Daily Deal, Wag Jag, Good News, Living Social, and the list goes on. (On an aside, it’s kind of sad that http://www.goodnews.com was taken for this purpose, as opposed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.)  If you want to check most of these all at once,` 


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www.onesprout.com offers a comprehensive listing of all the current offers from these sites, except Kijiji, which is new and has actually only had two deals so far (the first was $10 for a $25 gift card from Chapters).  I noticed that Swarm Jam has Vancouver Island deals, which is unique among the sites.  Although some sites have Victoria, this one has Campbell River, Port Alberni, Nanaimo, Parksville, etc.  For those wondering why I had to point that out, I’m an Island native. 😉

To the average person perhaps, this might seem somewhat over-the-top, overwhelming, time consuming, and just not worth it.  If you feel that way, at least check out the coupon sites because most of the coupons are for groceries and personal care products that you’d buy anyways.  If you save $10 a month, that’s an extra $120 per year that you can spend at Christmas. 🙂


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