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Early this morning, I awoke to the sound of rain.  Living in the Greater Vancouver area, this happens more often than not; however, after a moment, I realized the sound of rain was coming from inside our apartment suite, not outside!  Now, at 1:00am, I’m not very lucid, but the sight of water pouring out of the light fixture in our suite’s hallway was enough to instantly wake me up.  Apparently, it was enough to wake up John as well since I didn’t have to kick him like I usually would. 😉 

I rounded up as many pails as I could find and started mopping up the small flood in the kitchen.  Knowing the manager would be coming to see our problem, we proceded to tidy up the living room and kitchen.  After checking the girls’ room, John cleared off their floor as water was coming up through the carpet and the girls are notorious for leaving books on the floor, including library books. 


Poor lighting conditions as most of the lights were off due to wetness.

After two hours of cleaning and emptying buckets of water, the plumber came to the apartment and fixed the burst pipe upstairs.  Gradually the water slowed down and we were able to get back to bed.  The adrenaline, unfortunately, kept us awake for quite a while.  Just after drowsing off, TT’s crying woke me up.  Ironically, the girls slept through the entire ordeal, but a bad dream woke them up. 

The carpets are still soggy, but clean (thanks to the manager and her husband).  We’re still tired, but nothing a little sleep won’t cure.  Now I’m hoping for a good long sleep tonight.  Since weaning, Little M has been sleeping so much better at night, but now that I’ve broadcast that information, I’m sure she’ll stop just to laugh at me! 🙂


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I’m certainly glad I can add the last word onto the title–“Found.”  Is it the same for every parent: looking for “lost” things multiple

Sweet picture of Daddy and Bee

Sweet picture of Daddy and Bee

times per day, or am I just disorganized?  “Where’s your teddy?”  “Where’s your soother?”  “Where’s your backpack?”  “What time is it?”  “We’re going to be late!” 

While there are the normal, everyday searches for lost items, there are also the thoroughly missing items as well.  In the last week, Bee lost her coat (at the mall), Little M lost my keys (in the house), her sippy cup (in the car) and the garage door opener (twice).  I had given up hope of getting Bee’s coat back, since it wasn’t found for five days, so I was thoroughly surprised–and happy– when the mall customer service called to let me know it was found!  Dear Husband found my keys after a couple days of searching.  Our place was nicely cleaned up, although you can barely tell now.  (Remember learning in science class that everything tends toward disorder?  Well, children certainly are a catalyst in that area.)  DH also found the garage door opener (affectionately known as The Clicker) twice, since Ms got ahold of it a second time.  Finally, I found the sippy cup six days later under the front passenger seat of the car, having unsuccessfully searched there from the backseat the day it disappeared. 


Little M with a stolen (from her sister) teddy and a flower

Did you all watch the royal wedding?  DH put up some video clips of the wedding for the girls to watch after he left for work.  Bee navigated through them and the girls ended up watching a couple hour’s worth of footage.  Yes, they even watched the whole carriage ride, post ceremony, although, Bee did mention that it was somewhat boring (the 20 minutes of carriage ride, not the ceremony, which was pronounced weird and funny).  For the past week, I’ve watched numerous wedding reenactments by Bee and TT, which inevitably start with a fight over who gets the veil and who gets to be Kate (or Cake, as TT says).  Their vows range from bizarre to humourous and  Bee even remembers how many kisses to copy on the balcony. 

TT with the storm clouds

TT with the storm clouds at Deer Lake Park.

The weather didn’t really cooperate today for any special outings, but we did fit a walk in at Deer Lake Park between hail storms.  The girls were disappointed that there were no ducks to feed, but did enjoy seeing some geese with their goslings and going through a big puddle in the car.  Some disappointment was expressed over missing an even bigger puddle, but there was some concern over its depth. 

We also picked up some Chinese food so that I won’t have to prepare a meal on Mother’s Day.  I won’t complain about all the dishes I’ll have to do, because that would be pushing it. 😉  Mmm, I’m already looking forward to the lettuce wraps tomorrow!  Bee can hardly wait for Mother’s Day.  She’s been asking me every day if she can give me my card yet.  She already gave me a geranium in a clay pot she made at school.  Hopefully it survives for awhile, as I’m somewhat forgetful about watering and such like.

Now I’m off to go look for some missing bandaids!  What else is new?? 🙂

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When I search for WordPress in my Swagbucks toolbar, the link comes up unvisited, and I had to try two passwords before I logged in today.  Yes, it’s been awhile, and I didn’t even check the date of my last post.  Collectively, we’ve been sick for most of March and Little M’s eyeteeth are just about through, which means I’ve had little energy and little free time recently.  Did I mention TT had an ear infection as well?

Our spring break was a bit of a let-down, but we did manage to go shopping downtown, make a trip to the library, go out to Cockney King’s for my brother’s 30th birthday, head to Eileen Dailly Pool for a swim, and enjoy a visit at the Greater Vancouver Zoo.  Bee was sick the earliest, so I think she could have handled more excitement than I could handle.  Not the greatest first spring break ever, I’m sure!

Susie girl

So excited!

The girls loved the zoo, although TT didn’t want to walk anywhere.  Grandma was around, and that means “I want up!” was a favourite refrain, which was indulged almost every time.  Little M loved the giraffes, and still gets excited by pictures of them.  Bee, apparently, liked the donkey the best.  I’m not sure about TT, as she was still kind of miserable from her ear infection.  Maybe the train ride was her favourite because she didn’t have to walk!  My least favourite part was the rudest encounter I’ve had with a stranger.  Let’s just say, someone eavesdropped on a conversation between my sister and me and assumed it was about herself and proceeded to insult me.

Waiting for the train.

TT waiting for the train.

Bee and the Donkey

Bee and her friend.



In the tunnel.

TT in the tunnel.

The last week has been a little bit hard after so long off of our routine, but we weren’t late for school any day.  Today we spent some time at Barnet Marine Park.  It was the first time we’ve explored the place, and I think we’ll enjoy coming back when the weather is better.  It was sprinkling on and off, so the girls couldn’t dig too deeply into the sand, but they certainly enjoyed some tunnel ruins and walking along the shore.

Bee, TT and I also enjoyed a shopping excursion to Michael’s today and spent a little too much money (oops!).  The girls are always asking to do crafts, so I bought some paints, clay, etc. for them.  Of course, it was all on sale, but it adds up so quickly.  I think Bee and TT would enjoy having a mailbox for the numerous letters and cards they like to make, so when I have the patience and time, we’ll be making one out of paper mache.  I have a design in my head for it already.  Also in the crafting bin, I’d like to make a few flower clips with flowers I bought today at Michael’s.  My sister-in-law gave the girls some for Christmas, and they’re super-cute and always get comments from people, so I decided to make some more of different colours.  The sewing I wanted to get done during spring break obviously didn’t happen, so that’s still in the “to do” pile as well.

Little M is getting so big!

Little M is getting so big! She loved running around and exploring.

I can’t wait for some nice spring weather, which, so far, has only made a few short appearances and for the spring coats and warm sunshine to go with the blossoms and blooms that have already come out.  I tend to take more pictures when the weather is nicer, and have a lot of favourite pictures of the girls from the spring in previous years. 

So, hopefully my next post won’t be so long in coming, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll have a photo of a finished craft, or some pictures of the girls in the sunshine in spring outfits!


Bee at the ruins.

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Sleepy Sunday

I didn’t want to wake her up by trying to turn her to face the camera, but here’s Monkey fallen asleep on the floor around 11:00pm after a long day out!  And no soother needed here… what a change from when her tooth was coming through!  Hopefully last week’s troubles are over.  Her molar’s through now and her digestive tract issues are over, to put it delicately. 😉  I’m feeling so much more energetic and back to normal and Bee and TT are both feeling better too.  Pro-d Day on Friday, so a short week as far as school’s concerned.  My optimism is high at the start of this new week!  If I stay up too late though, that won’t be the case, so I’ll keep this nice and short.

Subcoming to Sleep
Subcoming to Sleep


Is it too early to start thinking about spring?  In the last week I’ve started thinking about how soon spring will start.  Perhaps I can blame my husband because he always tells me that spring starts in February or March around here.  I bought some fabric last year that I’d like to make circle skirts with for the girls, so we’ll see if I can get that done by the time spring truly rolls around.  And I have dress patterns for different fabric for the summer, so those are my sewing goals for the coming months.  Unfortunately, I have to clean our apartment up before I can sew, otherwise there’s no room to lay out fabric and set up the sewing machine.

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December’s here!

November’s over now, and I have to say, it reminds me a lot of February.  It passes quickly and quietly.  Those are the two months that we probably take the fewest pictures (our pictures are all organized by year/month/date) each year. 

Aforementioned Mountain Sheep

Aforementioned Mountain Sheep

This year, there was a bit of excitement with the birth of  our niece, little Lily.  We took a family trip up to Kamloops with Aunty Gassy in tow.  I crocheted a blanket for Lily on the unnecessarily long trip.  (Dear husband likes to take the scenic route.  We did see quite a few mountain sheep and some nice scenery, so I can’t complain much.  The worst part of the trip was Little Monkey’s crying bout from just outside Hope until about when we stopped in Lytton for lunch.)  I’m always fascinated by the change that gradually occurs as we go from one climate to another.  There’s a certain beauty in the landscape’s barrenness in Kamloops.

We enjoyed our short visit, climbing the hill behind S & N’s house, walking to a park nearby, and just visiting.  We have loads of pictures I could share, but I’ll leave you with a few to enjoy.  I’m still figuring out the alignment of photos within this blog, so please bear with me.  I’m also working on attaching a signature with each post. 

 Just as an aside, our time in Merritt was, as usual, unpleasant.  We stopped at Home restaurant for lunch and, while the service wasn’t bad per se, there was no warmth or friendliness whatsoever from our waitress.  I know it’s not an easy job, but a smile goes a long way.


I was continually cold most of the weekend. TT looks somewhat cold as well.


The Main Attraction

Monkey and me

Monkey and me. Uneditted as it's getting late.

The rest of the month seemed to fly by with making Christmas presents, a Christmas card, some baby stuff for Lily and attending the baby shower at the end of the month.  In between has been the usual trials, tribulations, and joys of looking after my three precious girls.  And so, goodnight.  Posted, but not perfect. 🙂

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I love October!

Not because of Halloween, which I’ve never cared too much about, but the weather–this year–has been warm, with only a hint that, yes, winter is on it’s way.  I love the warm array of colours turned vibrant from the sunshine: reds, oranges, and browns of leaves pooled at the base of trees, bright orange, fat pumpkins sitting in patches  and a sea of colourful umbrellas on the days it happens to rain.  I love that TT can play in the puddles at school for 15 minutes, get totally soaked and not be too cold to walk home for a warm bath. 

A rotten apple ;)

Pick an apple.

TT spent a week at her Grandma and Papa’s house.  She had a blast, from the sounds of it.  While she was gone, I went with Bee on her class field trip to a pumpkin patch out in Fort Langley.  I had fun navigating to the patch with no co-pilot to read a map and managed to get back to the highway without instructions because I left them in the trunk and was too lazy to stop and get them out.  While the weather was a little cool, it wasn’t raining!  Bee and Monkey loved the animals, short hay ride, and picking out the “perfect” pumpkin.

A wee pumpkin.

Meghan loved carrying her little pumpkin around.

I also started on Bee’s Halloween costume, which she’ll be wearing to school on Friday.  I finally convinced her to be Pippi Longstockings.  So I made her a dress out of an old jean skirt, and should be able to supplement that with stuff she already has.

Everyone was so happy when TT came back home, and TT couldn’t stop grinning!  🙂  I was glad to see her home.  That joy, though, made me think about how happy Christians must be when they get to heaven (home).  I thought about my Grandpa and Grandma who passed away in the last couple years and imagined how happy they must have been to arrive in heaven!

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One Year

My youngest turned one on Sunday!  On Saturday evening after Monkey fell asleep, Bee asked me, “Will ‘Monkey’ be able to talk when she wakes up?  Will she be able to walk better?”  How do you explain that while Baby will be 1-years-old instead of . . . zero (?), she’s actually only one day older than before?  No, Bee, she won’t wake up having intellectually stimulating conversations with you. 😉

We’re stretching out the birthday celebrations over a week, as we have a large and busy family, but a small home. 

The Point

Birthday Girl and her Momma.

On Saturday we spent the day park-hopping near Horseshoe Bay with my parents and sister.  After taking a walk along the beach and pier area at Horseshoe Bay, we had lunch at Troll’s (fish and chips, of course!), we headed up to a lookout on the way up to Cypress Mountain.  It was nice and clear, so we could see all of Vancouver and Burnaby from up there.  Our last stop was Lighthouse Park.  Noteably, we found the last remaining mosquitos in the area, who had a lovely feast provided by us.  Bee still has blistery bites that she’s thankfully stopped complaining about.  All in all, we had a good day with beautiful weather, although it did start raining as we said goodbye.


Bee-mused @ Lighthouse Park

TT swinging

Swinging makes TT happy!

Here are some favourite photos from the day.  The girls love being outside (unless there’s too much: walking, cold, hunger, etc.), as you can tell.  And both Teds accompany Bee and TT everywhere.  I’ll let you in on a little secret: Bee zips Ted in her backpack every day and brings him to school hidden in her backpack the whole time. 🙂

On Sunday, Little Monkey’s actual birthday, we had quesadillas and rice, both of which she loves.  For dessert, we had (store-bought) cupcakes, thanks to my dear husband’s late-night run after our busy Saturday.  I think Little Monkey enjoyed her chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing.  I don’t think the two oldest got into chocolate so soon, but by #3, what do you expect?

On Monday, my husband’s family came over to celebrate as well (those that could make it, anyways).  This is a first birthday after all!  And then next Monday, we have plans to celebrate again with my brother and his wife.

One year.  How fast it travels.  Little Monkey’s gotten her first (and second, third, fourth, and fifth) tooth and taken her first (and several thousand;) ) steps.  She’s gone on not only her first, but also her second, camping trip; managed a canoe ride or two; perhaps could win “most ferry rides in her first year of life” award.  She’s also managed 365 nights of interrupted sleep (Why did my third have to be the poorest sleeper?).  It’s amazing what a newborn packs into one year!

Happy Birthday, Little Monkey! 🙂



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